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     From Jim King

    Is there anyone who has any pictures of vehicles operated by Peters & Barham plus Cawoods who use to operate out of their yard in South Street, Romford, Essex. The mechanics garage was at the back of the yard and all the way up the middle used to be scores of Thames Traders parked echelon in line.
    I know there is a picture of a Foden eight wheeler in the east end of London on the web but I would really like to see a picture of the 7 cu.yard Ford Thames Trader tippers that my late father used to drive. They had a maroon coloured livery with gold lettering on them. In later years they painted the snout of the bonnet in bright yellow to blend in with the Cawoods lorries that had been changed from black to yellow livery. The Cawoods vehicles were mainly eight wheeled tankers who used to fetch oil all the way from Shell Haven and deliver it to local schools and hospitals.
    The local Ford dealership of Hensmans used to supply the Traders to them, which was their main stay fleet although they had many other vehicles including Doges and Fodens. The tippers spent most of their life taking sand from the local Essex pits into the City where they returned with building demolition materials to back fill the sandpits. Happy Days.
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